Bojonegoro is a small town that laid 100 km west of Surabaya, the capital city of East Java, Indonesia. Since last many decade Bojonegoro known as producer of the best quality teak wood in Indonesia. Our teak wood and furniture product has been exported to many country around the world. But regret that today bojonegoro teak forest almost waste out by illegal logging that robbed Bojonegoro teak forest several years ago. Lucky that our government take care soon by doing reboisation program for Bojonegoro teak forest through many large project recently. We do hope this project will running well and our teak forest back to be green.

A few years ago some oil corporation through their seismic survey found many petroleum reservoir underneath Bojonegoro area. Now they are known as Bojonegoro Block and Sukowati Block. Exxon Mobil who operate Bojonegoro Block now being prepair their CPF (Central Production Facility) capacity of 200 thousand barrels oil per day in Banyuurip, also developt their oil field area and continue drill up to 80 oil wells to enable provide 170 thousand BOPD (barrels oil per day) for their CPF at Banyuurip. Bojonegoro block recognized as the largest reservoir in south east asia with deposit around 2 billion barrels of oil.


Situs Resmi Pemkab Bojonegoro

Universitas Bojonegoro.

The other oil field named Sukowati operated by Petrochina East Java since last July 2004 has been produced crude oil . Now this field has been produced 43,000 barrels oil per day from their fourteen (14) oil wells. Sure Bojonegoro will become a third richest district in Indonesia after Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan and Siak, Riau, Sumatera, and will become a new industrial area soon.

So, Welcome investors to Bojonegoro, Welcome growth of Bojonegoro, and Welcome prosperous of Bojonegoro,

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